JSC "UMC" for the needs of its production constantly buys the following raw materials and materials. Send your suggestions to the mail supply@osk-spb.com


# Name of raw materials, material Technical specifications

Cardboard matchbox:

  • cardboard for matchboxes without a cover layer;
  • cardboard for matchboxes with a white cover layer;
  • cardboard chrome-ersatz - boxboard with coated coating. 
Thickness 0.4 mm, weight 1 m2 - 290-310 g, format 1170 mm, 955 mm, 470 mm, 1275 mm, 875 mm, 1180 mm.
2 Potassium Chlorate KClO3.
3 Hide glue Marks KM-1, KMV.
4 Bone glue Mark K-2,5.
5 Paraffin oil match (NA) In briquettes of 5 kg.
6 Red phosphorous technical